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SmackDown ends with a bizarre Roman Reigns cliffhanger

Who done it?

WWE really did just rush a Roman Reigns segment in the final 60 seconds of SmackDown tonight (Jul. 30). The timing was entirely all off from start to finish, and the end result was a very dumb final minute of the episode.

Seconds after a pretty good match between Koif Kingston and AJ Styles concluded, WWE panned their cameras to the back where Kayla Braxton was waiting to interview Reigns. The problem was the Kingston versus Styles match ended a little late and you could feel WWE scrambling to squeeze Reigns’s interview into the final minutes of SmackDown.

Braxton waited and then Reigns casually walked down the backstage area to get to the interview. Reigns was scheduled to announce his opponent for SummerSlam, but instead fans got this.

The entire production looks even worse in GIF form.

Um what?

WWE gets bashed all the time for their shaky camera cuts, but shooting a simple backstage bit like that is just way too over the top and just plain visually unappealing.

Samoa Joe? Daniel Bryan? Vince McMahon? A ghost? Who attacked Roman Reigns on SmackDown?

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