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Roman Reigns has been bitten by the acting bug

Hobbs and Shaw will release nationwide this Fri., Aug. 2, 2019, and current WWE star Roman Reigns has a part in it. That means he’s taking part in the promotion for it, which also means being asked about a potential future in Hollywood. Hey, The Rock did it before him, so why not?


“I’d say I’ve been bit by the acting bug, for sure. But I think with just what’s happened to me over the past year with my health and being pulled away from the ring I’m always going to have that love, that process that I just explained about being live and being as raw as possible and if something happens you can shake and bake and make it what you need it. There’s something about having that ad lib and that free range and that when it comes down to it it’s live, can’t nobody stop me now, you know what I mean? I’m still in love with that aspect of the business, with that aspect of performing, but I would say there’s a future for sure. You don’t fall down and you can do two takes. So, definitely something to work towards.”

And another one!

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