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WWE Raw viewership back to normal this week

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In response to sagging viewership, and perhaps on the suggestion of USA Network, WWE held a “Reunion” episode of Monday Night Raw last week that was a big ratings hit. With stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair back for the evening, the show drew 3.09 million viewers.

Without the hook of all those legends, this week’s episode brought the numbers right back to normal.

Indeed, this week’s show drew 2.32 million viewers, right in the ballpark of where Raw has been for the past few months. The hourly breakdown was the same:

Hour one: 2.40 million
Hour two: 2.32 million
Hour three: 2.23 million

There have been changes to the show, in terms of pacing and content, with Paul Heyman at the helm. There was never going to be a ratings turnaround in the short term, but there’s at least some hope they can improve in the long term.

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Source: Showbuzz Daily