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Seth Rollins ‘undergoing a series of evaluations’ after Brock Lesnar attack (UPDATED)

WWE went all out last night (July 29) on Raw to sell Universal champion Brock Lesnar’s brutality, and Seth Rollins vulnerability & moxie, when the Beast Incarnate F5-ed the Architect into everything he could find at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

It gave us scenes that had many who’d listened to Vince McMahon’s criticism of All Elite Wrestling’s “blood and guts” booking scratching our heads. Was Rollins spitting up fake blood more sophisticated than Goldust’s blade job?

That debate can continue, but WWE isn’t going to back off this aspect of their build toward another Rollins/Lesnar match just because some are calling Vince a hypocrite. Which is why we got this update on Seth from

“Seth Rollins is reportedly undergoing a series of evaluations and we will have more details as they became available on WWE Digital.”

We’re guessing that whatever the results of those evaluations, he’ll be healed up and ready to attack the Universal champ next Monday in Pittsburgh at the ‘go home’.

Is this working to get you more excited? Is it worth a little “blood and guts”?

UPDATE: Stoic Seth doesn’t want us to know how badly Brock hurt, and makes it more difficult for Paul Heyman to gameplan for their next encounter:

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