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Guess what Netflix & WWE’s family sitcom starring Big Show is called

And yes, the WWE/Netflix partnership is bringing us a Big Show family sitcom.

Rich Freeda

WWE’s partnership to bring family-friendly (read: no “blood and guts”) programming to Netflix is already helping Sheamus with a possible career change with the movie The Main Event. So what’s next?

How about a sitcom starring The Big Show as a retired wrestler trying to integrate a teenage daughter into his existing home life with a wife and two other daughters?

You’re in luck!

The Big Show Show, a half-hour multi-cam comedy series, starts production on Aug. 9. In addition to Paul “Big Show” Wight, it will star Allison Munn as his wife and Reylynn Caster, Juliet Donenfeld & Lily Brooks O’Briant as his daughters. The showrunners on the project actually have some impressive projects on their resumes. Josh Bycel and Jason Berger have worked as writers on shows like Scrubs and Happy Endings. They’ll executive produce along with Susan Levison and Richard Lowell of WWE Studios.

Wight’s done traditional acting work on and off throughout his decades as a wrestling giant, including appearing in movies like The Waterboy and MacGruber, fronting the WWE Studios flick Knucklehead, and working multi-episode arcs on TV shows like Van Helsing and Happy!

I think he’s ready for his TV dad moment, don’t you? Who’s looking forward to The Big Show Show?

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