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Let’s check in on the Mavericks’ honeymoon (UPDATED)

The good news is, Drake Maverick is still WWE 24/7 champ!

The bad news is, Renee Michelle is not impressed with her husband taking her to Orlando - where they live - for their honeymoon. And that’s without even getting into his big-timing her when it came to checking the luggage & getting their seat assignments for the flight, or just generally holding the belt in front of her face whenever a camera is pointed at them...

Michelle has only commented on the whole ordeal with a frowning emoji, so, you know... We’re not liking the champ’s chances of consummating this union*, at least in kayfabe.

In the real world, I hope Mr. & Mrs. Maverick are thrilled they’re getting this delightful nonsense over. We’re certainly grateful for the entertainment.

*WAIT A MINUTE! The happy couple has some news...

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