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I guess Becky Lynch did get Maria Kanellis pregnant?

After their surprise, and edgy, appearance on Monday’s Raw, reports and rumors flew about Mike & Maria Kanellis - her pregnancy, what WWE officials thought about it, and if it had impacted the way they decided to present the pair on Mon., July 1.

The story was followed up, at least a bit, on the Kanellis’ regular home, 205 Live. Mike gave a passionate interview where he discussed being dressed down by the missus on Raw, and continued his beef with Drake Maverick:

Maria watched his trios match from a monitor in the back. Kanellis’ side lost, but his wife appeared to approve when the father of her child(ren?) showed some moxie:

And she’s definitely pregnant. Maria Instagrammed the receipts today:

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Tough as a Mother.

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WWE covered the news, which got a response from a certain Man who Maria said was manlier than Mike...

Becky Lynch is just joking around, we’re pretty sure... unless there’s a lot of things we don’t know about a lot of things. Maverick hasn’t exactly proved to be an ideal husband, and he has shown himself to be a man not strictly focused on his job as General Manager of the cruiserweights. Could he be the father?

We’ll find out, I guess. In the meantime, we’ve got some risque content crossing over between the red and purple brands, and the internet.

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