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Sasha Banks really just wants to hang out with Bayley

Time is a flat circle while Sasha Banks and WWE allegedly remain at odds, unless they are not.

Closing in on four months since WrestleMania 35 and the last time Banks was in a WWE ring, there still appears to be no end in sight to this story. Even reports and rumors of Banks’ WWE status have all but dried up over the past couple of weeks.

Today (Jul 29.) Banks tagged her Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection teammate, Bayley, in a post.

Bayley then replied like the supportive friend she is.

The biggest takeaway here is that is a really cool drawing of Sasha and Bayley.

It really felt like prior to Extreme Rules, WWE was teasing Banks making her return to the company. Or maybe we all just read too much into a throwaway line. Last month Banks even worked on a 2K Sports video game content for WWE.

The Boss herself even highlighted her in-ring shape, and return to her purple hair, in multiple social media posts.

When, if ever, are Sasha Banks and WWE going to work together again?

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