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New haircut, possible career change, what is going on with Sheamus?

Kind of miss the big fella.

When WWE fans last saw Sheamus he was part of that weird six man tag match on SmackDown where Drew McIntyre just disappeared off-screen. That was back in the Spring, and the latest rumors pointed to Sheamus battling through both a concussion as well as a spine injury.

While he has kept active with his very good YouTube series, Celtic Warrior Workouts, word of Sheamus making his way back to the ring has remained silent. That was until last week when the Irishman debuted a brand new haircut.

No mohawk? Also take a look and follow along as Sheamus has suddenly taken posting a lot of pictures of himself rocking WWE referee gear.

Rumors were that maybe Sheamus’ injuries have taken a toll on him that it may cut his in-ring career short.

New haricut? Yes. New gimmick? Maybe. Is Sheamus gearing up for a return to WWE TV?

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