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These Becky Lynch & Natalya dueling promos keep getting better

Called it.

Now two weeks removed from Becky Lynch and Natalya going nose to nose on Raw, this feud continues to exceed expectations. Some early adopters even said that if given the chance Natalya may be able to bring back some of the spark Lynch lost during her feud with Lacey Evans.

On the heels of a Natalya crack-back block on Lynch, the two women feuding over the Raw women’s title continued to throw haymakers at one another throughout the weekend.

Sunday night, Lynch cut a fantastic promo calling out Nattie for failing to live up to the hype of her family’s legacy.

Not to be outdone, PG-13 Natalya dunked on Lynch for bringing her personal life into her career and it felt very on point from the challenger.

Say what you will about Nattie’s WWE career, but she is playing a big part of washing the Evans vs. Lynch taste out of everyone’s mouth.

Good for Nattie and good for The Man on getting back to her old self.

Can these two keep this feud going strong for another two weeks until SummerSlam?

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