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Cedric Alexander’s giant leap highlights a chaotic end to Raw

It felt like Paul Heyman’s fingerprints were all over this week’s (Jul 29) episode of Raw.

Over the next few weeks, maybe this is how it is going to be. When everything is great and running smoothly, Heyman as Executive Director of Raw will get credit. If there are a few bumps along the way? Well that’s probably just Vince McMahon micromanaging WWE’s Monday night show.

This week’s episode of Raw flowed pretty well, but it really felt like a late 90s Attitude Era ending was slapped onto the main event segment. It was just utter chaos and bodies flying everywhere in what was originally advertised as just a face to face between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe.

Add in Drew McIntyre, Cedric Alexander, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Jimmy Uso , and Jey Uso into the mix, and this is how Raw faded to black.

Oh, and Alexander pulled off this crazy spot right in the middle of the multi-man brawl.

It looks even higher from this angle. On a mission to build new stars, maybe this could be a star making moment for Alexander?

Did you notice a more extreme touch to this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw?

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