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WWE now has a pregnant champion

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw opened with a “Mosh Pit” match, which was really just a mixed tag team bout with a bunch of wrestlers surrounding the ring. It featured R-Truth & Carmella taking on Drake Maverick & Renee Michelle, with the winner taking the 24/7 championship.

Of course, the appeal here was that the 24/7 title rules -- that the belt must be defended at literally all times -- were suspended until the match was over. Naturally, then, just as soon as Truth pinned Drake to retain the championship, he was mobbed in the ring and pinned by every single person there.

But it was the guy who jumped on him first, Mike Kanellis, who was awarded the victory. It seemed his bad luck had finally run out! It could only go up from there, right! Maybe Maria, his pregnant wife, would finally be proud of him!


Not only was she not proud, she outright demanded he lay down so she could pin him to become champion herself. She is the first pregnant champion in WWE history.

After, she dared any wrestler to take the title off her.

If you can roll with it, this is an actually compelling story because, well, who the hell is going to take the title off her?!?

Just for kicks:

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