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Lio Rush dropped his first hip hop single, ‘Scenic Lullaby’

While Lio Rush’s WWE career seems to be up in the air, his music career is ready for takeoff. Going by one name now, Lio dropped his first hop hop single, “Scenic Lullaby.”

I’m no hip hop expert, so I’m not going to proclaim whether, “Scenic Lullaby,” is good or bad. I don’t know what Lio was talking about half the time, but there was one particular line that sounded pretty sweet:

The devil tried to guide me, but I got tunnel vision.

The closing lyric sums up the vibe of the song:

I need you to look at me, see the pain in my face, yeah.

“Scenic Lullaby,” is getting positive reviews from the Twitterverse. Fenix gave it three fires.

For those metalheads out there that aren’t hip to hip hop, don’t fret. Lio will have something down the line for you.

Do you think Lio has a future as a hip hop artist? Which line from, “Scenic Lullaby,” was your favorite? Where does he rank in the rapping wrestler hierarchy? Who’s up for a rap battle between Lio and “Real1” Enzo Amore?

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