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WWE Smackville results, live match coverage: Kingston vs. Ziggler vs. Joe

WWE will hold its latest Network special, Smackville, tonight (Sat., July 27, 2019) from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The show is scheduled to start at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT.

Advertised for the show: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Balor, and a special musical performance from Elias.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Smackville live results

Geno here. See you tonight, folks!

I’m joining you late due to technical difficulties.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ali

Ali countered the Kinsasha with a superkick and then damn near scored the win but Nakamura kicked out. He went up top for the 450 but Shinsuke stood up. He followed that up with the Kinsasha to score the pin.

Nakamura def. Ali

Backstage, Samoa Joe cut a promo saying he isn’t walking into a perilous situation. Instead, he’ll take Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston down, put them out, and become the new WWE champion.

A standard promo, but it’s Joe, so he made it interesting.

Back to the ring after a short commercial and Elias is introduced.

He demands the production folks get the volume right for his special “Smackville” performance. Then he cuts it up on the electric guitar, plucking a few strings. It’s not great! It’s not the worst thing you’ll ever hear, but the guitar sounds out of tune.

Still, he powers through and a few folks reward him with a round of applause.

“I have one question for everybody here tonight: who wants to walk with Elias?”

He says it’s interesting that everyone wants to walk with him but “where is the standing ovation?” Nashville has a special place in his heart, he says, where he meant Johnny Cash, who gave him many words of wisdom, including one night that he told Elias “there are very few certainties in life but one thing that remains true is that the Tennessee Titans will never win the Super Bowl.”

That got plenty of boos.

“I couldn’t believe he was a football fan.”

He dedicates his first song to Shane McMahon. But first, everyone needs to hold the applause, silence their cell phones, and shut their mouths. If they don’t, he won’t perform.

That got plenty of cheers.

He says he’s going to leave if that’s how they feel, but then thinks better of it. He did a bit where he would walk towards the ropes to leave and they would cheer, then turn and walk towards his stool to stay and they would boo. He kept going and the reaction just got louder.

Finally, he decided to stay. His song for Shane sounded terrible. Suddenly, he stopped because he got a phone call on his cell phone. He took said call. He claimed it was Vince McMahon, who told him he could have as much time as he wants.

The guitar is much louder than his voice, so it’s hard to bother with this. You can hear some sort of insult to Kevin Owens, who gets a big pop for getting in the ring behind Elias. The lights go up and Owens strums the guitar a bit while Elias condemns whoever turned the lights on. He tries to attack KO when he sees who is playing his guitar but gets punched in the mouth.

Owens grabs a microphone and tells Elias to shut his stupid face. Then he says he thinks they should have an actual match right here and now. Owens asks for a referee and he gets one.

Kevin Owens vs. Elias

Owens got the early edge but it wasn’t long before Elias took over to get the heat on. Owens made a quick comeback and got a near fall off a senton. He tried to follow that up with the Stunner but Elias got out of it. Then he went up top for a flying elbow but Owens moved out of the way. Elias tried a lariat but KO ducked under and hit the Stunner to get the three count and the win.

Owens def. Elias

Promo airs for the main event, which is next.

Backstage, Kingston is tucking pancakes into the title belt around his waist. He’s asked about the triple threat match rules, and how he doesn’t have to be pinned to lose his title. He starts singing about beating both Ziggler and Joe at the same damn time. He wants to be one of the greatest WWE champions of all time, and he’ll continue on his way there by winning tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Samoa Joe

Kingston came out with a head of fire at the start but the heels decided to team up to attack the champion. They could be heard talking to each other, with Joe saying “let’s get rid of him, and then we’ll figure it out.” Ziggler came back with “get rid of him and then it’s you vs. me.”

Kofi was still able to make a comeback and put Ziggler down with a crossbody off the top. Joe tossed Kofi out and tried to take advantage by pinning Dolph, who kicked out at two. Ziggler got pissed off about this and they started pushing each other and yelling in each other’s faces. This gave Kingston time to recover and come back in high flying to take them both out.

The audience cheered this wildly.

Or at least as much as you would expect at a house show.

When Kofi lined up Dolph for Trouble in Paradise, Ziggler bailed out of the ring and Joe came in with a Samoan Drop to regain the edge. He only got a two count on it but took control off it.

He took Kingston to the corner for a superplex but Kofi fought him off, ultimately dropping him with a headbutt. Ziggler ran back in at this point and tried to finish the superplex but Kofi caught him. Joe, then recovered, moved over to set up for a powerbomb but he was fought off. Kingston came off the top on Ziggler, and they traded roll ups. Neither got the pinfall. Kingston hit SOS but Joe was good enough by then to break up the count.

Joe sent them both out of the ring and then focused Kingston, throwing him into the steps. Then he went to Ziggler, said “bye, Dolph” in his face, and threw him into the announce desk.

Joe put Kofi back into the ring and they traded countering big moves. Joe had the sleeper locked on but Dolph came back in with a superkick that took Joe out. Kingston broke up the ensuing pinfall attempt and they all sold on the mat.

Dolph and Kofi were up first and exchanged punches until Dolph hit the Zig Zag but that only got a two count. He was going to try a superkick but Joe intercepted with a suplex. He blasted Kingston with a clothesline shortly after and that got a two count.

He went for the Coquina Clutch but Kingston dropped down, hit Trouble in Paradise, and that was enough to get the pin to retain his title.

Kingston def. Joe, Ziggler


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