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Cody Rhodes: I wouldn’t be surprised if CM Punk went back to WWE

Oh boy.

CM Punk recently did an interview with our old friend Marc Raimondi at ESPN. In the course of that interview, he mentioned getting texts from Cody Rhodes and others at All Elite Wrestling. He then confirmed he got some sort of offer via text.

He didn’t make it sound like he was going to be taking that or any other offer.

Now, Cody has responded via a Q&A on his Twitter:

Well, then!

This is the pro wrestling business, so plenty of folks are going to read into that in different ways. One of the very first replies to that tweet notes that Cody mentioning Punk going to WWE makes them think he’s actually going to sign with AEW. And with Punk scheduled for Starrcast 3 in his hometown the day of ALL OUT, that speculation is already running rampant.

If nothing else, it’s good for a quote that will get plenty of folks talking.

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