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Additional details about Jimmy Uso’s DUI arrest indicate his ‘personal actions’ could have led to tragedy

After Jonathan “Jimmy Uso” Fatu’s DUI arrest in Escambia County, Florida in the early hours of Thurs., July 25, WEAR TV released a report on the events which occurred before and during the arrest. The details provided by the ABC affiliate in Pensacola, Florida describe an incident that is fortunate to have only ended in charges and not something more tragic.

An off duty officer informed a deputy in the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office of a vehicle he spotted driving in excess of 100 miles per hour on Interstate 10, drifting in and out of its lane. This was at 1:30 AM. The car pulled into a bar parking lot, but had departed by the time the deputy arrived. They later spotted the vehicle turn onto Highway 297A, where it accelerated to 86 mph in 45 mph speed limit zone and nearly struck another vehicle.

Fatu was then pulled over, and the deputy noted he had trouble holding his license and vehicle information. His report states Fatu presented with bloodshot & watery eyes, droopy eyelids, dilated pupils, and slow/slurred speech. Alcohol could allegedly be smelled in the vehicle, and Fatu was unsteady on his feet when he got out of the car after being told to several times.

There’s more, but you get the idea. If the report is accurate, it describes a situation which easily could have resulted in a crash, and injuries or loss of life for Fatu or other roadway users.

Fatu was arrested for driving while under the influence, cited for unlawful speeding and was released after posting a $1,000 bond. He’s scheduled to appear in court on August 15. WWE issued their standard statement when Superstars are arrested or charged with illegal activity - that he’s “responsible for his own personal actions.”

Which is true. But with this being the 33 year old’s second alcohol-related arrest this year (while he wasn’t driving, he plead no contest to February disorderly conduct and obstruction charges in Detroit, where TMZ’s police sources said his vehicle “reeked of booze”), everyone in a business or personal relationship with Jonathan Fatu should be exploring ways to modify his actions when it comes to drinking and driving before one of these incidents leads to something worse than an arrest.

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