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Why Maria Kanellis missed SmackDown and 205 Live

For the past month, Maria & Mike Kanellis have been regular fixtures on WWE television, both on Raw and 205 Live. The couple and their storyline were part of Monday night’s Reunion episode this past week, but despite having a segment promoted for Tuesday night on the Network, they weren’t there. Instead of the promised contract signing, Drake Maverick announced the stipulation for his match with Mr. Kanellis in a backstage interview.

As she points out in this Instagram explaining why, it’s unusual for the Kanellis-es to miss work, but pregnancy makes for unusual days...

Mike was presumably with Maria at the medical facility (hey, this is WWE - that’s what they’re called), which was very nice of him considering he doesn’t know if the kid is his.

Kayfabe jokes aside, we’re sending good vibes and looking forward to seeing these two back next week. Mike’s unsanctioned match with Maverick is set for Tues., July 30 on 205 Live. If he wins, he gets a shot at the Cruiserweight title currently held by Drew Gulak.

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