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More bad news for anyone hoping for a different Rollins/Lesnar story

If the build on last Monday’s Raw didn’t drive the point home for you, it looks like SummerSlam’s Universal title match between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins will be built on the same themes as their WrestleMania 35 feud, and Brock’s 2018 feud with Roman Reigns. To wit: Lesnar is a part-timer who doesn’t love wrestling or WWE and therefore must not be champion.

Personally, I held out some hope WWE would start to tell different stories with Lesnar now that he’s no longer constantly weighing a return to UFC. But if they are, the memo hasn’t gotten to the writers, or Rollins, just yet.

For more evidence, here’s Seth talking about the match with India’s The Hindu:

“I’ve already shown the world I can beat Lesnar when I won the title against him at WrestleMania 35 and I can do it again. After that, at WWE Extreme Rules, Lesnar cashed in his Money in the Bank contract when I’d just emerged from a gruelling battle to take advantage of me and literally stole the belt back. Now you tell me, is such a win befitting of a champion?

No kid in the world grows up wanting to be a ‘Brock Lesnar’. He might be a great wrestler/ performer, but he doesn’t inspire anyone, doesn’t do anything for the brand or business, and most of all, he’s a terrible champion.”

You’ll certainly find plenty of fans who agree with Rollins’ opinion that Lesnar’s a bad champ, and more or less saying “he’s a bad role model” is a time-honored motivation for a babyface challenger.

But it’s not terribly interesting. Certainly not interesting enough to keep telling it for years.

And speaking of things that may not be interesting any more, check out the Beastslayer’s entire chat with The Hindi, which includes him calling Becky Lynch “the love of my life” and lots of talk about his role as the new face of WWE.

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