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Stone Cold’s Raw Reunion cameo caused a huge spike in Broken Skull IPA sales


Hell yeah.

On a night of returning stars from WWE’s past, Stone Cold Steve Austin was still able to stand out as the biggest personality of the show. WWE even tasked The Texas Rattlesnake with an open mic and the honor of closing out Raw Reunion with a toast.

A byproduct of Austin being the main event of Raw was the excellent marketing opportunity it became for Broken Skull IPA. The Monday night appearance was so good for Austin’s beer that it’s brewery was flooded with requests for wider distribution, as well as orders for Broken Skull IPA.

From a post today (Jul. 25) El Segundo Brewing’s Facebook page.

“We’ve received hundreds, if not thousands, of inquires as to where you can find Broken Skull IPA. Currently, Broken Skull is only available in Southern CA, and sometimes Portland, OR, roughly in the vicinity of the Broken Skulls on the map. The good news is we are working on distribution plans to reach the masses.”

The fine folks over at The Full Pint caught up with Rob Croxall, owner/founder of El Segundo Brewing, to further clarify plans for Austin’s signature beer.

“We were planning on switching to 16 oz. cans of Broken Skull IPA by the end of the year. We didn’t have much lead time for Steve’s toast on RAW Reunion, so we had to scramble to get him enough beer for the show. Obviously after this exposure, interest has gone crazy for this beer.

We just signed up with Craft Brewers Guild about a month ago. As you know, they have a pretty far reach, especially on the East Coast. While nothing is in concrete yet, the logical next move would be to put Broken Skull IPA into the CBG/Sheehan network back East. We will definitely be scaling up production on this beer as are orders have already increased since this wonderful exposure.”

Wagons east, because it looks like Stone Cold’s beer may be coming to a store near you.

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