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Report: At the last minute Vince McMahon showed up & rewrote SmackDown

How much time does it really take to write a nationally televised, two hour pro wrestling show?

This week’s SmackDown was a really good show and it was also apparently completely redone just hours before it was set to go live. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reports on McMahon changing his mind and rewriting SmackDown late on Tuesday afternoon.

“This show is completely different than the one that was written. Vince McMahon showed up at four o’clock and decided he didn’t like the show and Vince redid the show. Everything changed. That’s why all the stuff that was advertised, the Bryan Danielson speech, Shawn Michaels announcing, and all that stuff they talked about all week, didn’t happen because Vince changed his mind.”

For fans wanting to push McMahon out the door and far away from WWE creative, this report will not help your case. SmackDown was great on Tuesday night and, at least for one week, Vinny Mac still had some zip on his fastball.

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