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CM Punk still doesn’t sound very interested in AEW

CM Punk

Eight years removed from his pipe bomb promo and WWE’s version of ‘the summer of Punk’, CM Punk just wants to be Phil Brooks.

Despite repeated public statements about how little he follows or cares about pro wrestling, Punk is addressing the topic once again. In a new interview with ESPN, Punk was asked about AEW pursuing him and he honestly sounded a little annoyed by the upstart promotion mentioning his name as often as they do.

“ESPN: Just to be completely clear, there’s nothing imminent?

Punk: The last thing I got -- I got a text from Cody [Rhodes]. And again, I almost don’t even know how to reply to them sometimes, because if I reply, they do interviews and are like, “Oh yeah, I just talked to Punk.” I’m kind of damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I always think if somebody wants to do business with me, they can come talk to me. Texting offers isn’t really a way to do good business, at least.

ESPN: Was it an offer via text?

Punk: It was texted through three people and an offer came in through text. This is like a month ago, maybe.

ESPN: An offer for All Out?

Punk: I think it was just a general offer. I never could have done the last one in Vegas [Double or Nothing], because I was in California for CFFC.”

The entire interview is a fascinating and somewhat extended look into the mind of CM Punk.

Only a couple of months away from his 41st birthday, Punk seems interested in a few things: acting, MMA commentary, and to a lesser extent training MMA. Other than the previously announced appearance at Starrcast III on Aug. 31, Punk puts nothing but road blocks and stops signs in front of any attempts to talk about the squared circle.

Still quotable as hell, Punk did drop this gem later on in the interview about AEW and to a lesser extent WWE talks.

“I get it. But also there’s a weird thing, and I don’t know, it’s just across entertainment as a whole, but I’m not that dude that sat down on a stage in Vegas eight years ago. I’m not the dude that left WWE. I’m not that guy. That was five-years-ago Phil. I’m a different dude now. People still have that connotation, like, “Oh, he hates WWE.” And it’s just like, no, I’ve let all that go, and I’ve let all that go so long ago. But there are people that hold on to that. They still think or want me to be who I was. I’m not who I was yesterday. This is my journey, this is my odyssey.”

So who’s ready for everyone to blatantly ignore this interview and hound Punk some more before AEW’s ALL OUT pay-per-view in Chicago?

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