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Vince McMahon sure has a lot to say about AEW on WWE’s own conference call

Though he never mentioned AEW by name, Vince McMahon went on some wild tangents today (Jul. 25) on WWE’s second quarter investors call.

Like McMahon didn’t just bring up what he labeled as “new competition” or “potential competitor” once, but multiple times throughout the call.

What would a more sophisticated WWE product even look like? Also, how does McMahon define sophistication for his brand of pro wrestling?

McMahon would go on to mention what TNT, home to AEW, might think of blood on TV.

Even during the Attitude Era, it wasn’t like Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro featured wrestlers bleeding all over the place every single week.

If nothing else, it looks AEW is forcing WWE to shake a few things up. Still PG but edgier, how much do you think WWE will really change once AEW begins to air on TNT?

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