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AJ Styles has been trying to get The Club back together for a while

And he’s serious about facing NXT’s Undisputed ERA.

AJ Styles and his good brothers Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson have new WWE contracts and a new-old gimmick now that they’ve re-formed The Club... I mean, The OC (that’s gonna take some getting used to).

The faction formed pretty quickly on Raw these past few weeks, but according to an interview AJ gave to Brian Fritz of Sporting News, it’s been a long time coming:

“I’ve been seeking that for a while now. It’s just one of those things where I know how talented these guys are and the chemistry we have together. It’s unbelievable. That’s why we did so well in Japan because you have six guys - more than that, by the time I was out of there that enjoyed being together. We hung out. We’re actually friends and to this very day we hang out. We don’t have to ride with each other, but we do. We enjoy being together. You can’t teach chemistry and to have us together again, man, it’s awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.”

Styles says that the prospect of reuniting was part of his pitch to Gallows & Anderson to stay in WWE when their contracts were coming up:

“Well, that was my plan and that plan wasn’t coming to a point. It was just one of those things that seemed like - we had a couple of guys behind us, helping us convince others that this was a good idea that Anderson and Gallows and myself are back together again. There was talk about maybe them going somewhere else, but at the end of the day, it all worked out the way it was supposed to and I can’t be happier.”

And since they were talking factions, Fritz asked the Phenomenal One about his recent beef with NXT champ Adam Cole, his counterpart in Undisputed ERA. AJ is down for more than just tweets:

“Bring ‘em up! Whatever we gotta do to get eyes on our television, that’s what we need to do. I would love that. I know those guys. I know them very well. So, let’s do this. But it’s got to be timed right. I can’t just be out of nowhere. You want people to come see it, so the timing is everything. You just don’t want to throw it out there.”

Do it.

And check out the entire interview with Styles, where he also touches on Seth Rollins’ recent tweets and statements supporting WWE, here.

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