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NXT results, live blog (July 24, 2019): Cole & Gargano announce TakeOver stips

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE NXT in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on WWE Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

We'll post match results here, and we will also have our regular reactions post later. In the meantime, and most importantly, this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever happens on WWE’s third brand - during its initial broadcast!

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcasts (including here), but many Cagesiders don’t partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

Enjoy the show!

- We get a recap of last week’s issues that set-up TakeOver: Toronto’s NXT title match, and then after some Slipknot, Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness & Beth Phoenix welcome us back to Full Sail. The Breakout Tournament semi is up first...

- Jordan Myles def. Angel Garza via pinfall after a German suplex to advance to the finals of the Breakout Tournament

Garza makes like he’s gonna adhere to the Code of Honor, but he’s just joshing. They trade holds and both show off their skills. We eventually get to a spot where Garza taunts Myles from the apron. He eats a drop kick for it, but pulls the former ACH down to the floor and whips him into the steel steps and the barricade before rolling back into the ring. The heartthrob tears his pants off and makes the crowd swoon while the referee counts, but Jordan makes it in before 10. Backbreaker gets Angel two, and he focuses on the back, working a camel clutch and a choke on the ropes. After being worked over in the corner, Myles finally reverses a whip and is able to trap Garza with kicks. A flurry ends with a leg sweep, drop kick and clothesline, so Jordan climbs to the top. Angel rolls out of the way, and eventually answers a springboard on the apron with a drop kick. Garza tries for a springboard moonsault of his own and misses, but lands on his feet. Myles sweeps the leg again, however, clotheslines him down and deadlifts him for the finish.

- Shane Thorne crashes the announce table after the match and wants to know why NXT debuted new stars in this tournament when they have him. The remaining half of The Mighty says he doesn’t need a tournament to break out, he’ll do it on his own.

- Johnny Gargano is the first to announce the stipulation for his NXT title match with Adam Cole in Toronto. He mentions Cole taunting his family and friends in his hometown during his BAY BAY tour, and says that made it personal. In New York, he was willing to do whatever it took to become champ. It’s not about that any more. Cole can bring his boys and whatever else, as long as he bring the belt. His fall is a street fight.

- Bianca Belair def. Xia Li via pinfall after KOD

This is a one-sided affair, with Belair muscling the Chinese wrestling around the ring. Li gets free, landing on her feet while escaping when The EST lifts her in a vertical suplex position after some other taunts. She lands some kicks before getting shoulder tackled to the ground before the end.

- Killian Dain gets a video to explain why he attacked Matt Riddle last week. He wouldn’t attack anyone from behind, but Riddle isn’t just anyone. He’s a former UFC fighter who might be the toughest guy in his world. But now he’s in Dain’s world, where there are no rules. When he put the Bro through the stage, he gave him a glimpse of his world. Killian can’t wait to show him more.

- “Earlier this week” at the Performance Center, we see Mia Yim attack Jessamyn Duke. She asks the Horsewoman if she thinks this is a game, then kicks a locker door onto her shoulder before marching off.

- North American champ Velveteen Dream is here (with his own face on the back of his jacket). The only way he’ll step down as champ is when the Experience dies. Then, he wants to go straight to hell, because that’s what his life would feel like without the title. And that’s what it felt like when Roderick Strong sold his soul to the devil to pin Dream. Roddy is hell of a man, and Velveteen’s heard he can go all night. But Strong isn’t ready for the experience or the spotlight, and when it’s on him, he’ll know he’s not big enough to ride this ride. Dream things someone might be big enough, though, and if that person can hear him, he wants to experience them.

That brings out Strong. Cool story, but Roddy doesn’t think Dream believes anything he says. He thinks Velveteen is scared of him. Even through his glasses Strong can see it in his eyes. Roderick says he’s the most deserving challenger, and he wants the champ to give him what he wants. He’s the real deal, and he’ll take the title in Toronto, and when he does, the Experience dies.

While they’re staring each other down, Pete Dunne’s music hits! Roddy gets in the Bruiserweight’s face, and Dunne snaps his finger for him! Strong rolls out, and the former UK champ eyes Dream’s title with a smile. Velveteen holds up the belt as he leaves, and the announce team wonders what this means for TakeOver.

- Strong drags a cameraman back to General Manager William Regal’s office. He complains about Dunne, and says he’s the man who pinned Dream so he should get the NA title shot in Toronto. Regal says he spoke to NXT UK GM Johnny Saint, and the Bruiserweight is going to be part of NXT for a while. And at TakeOver, it will now be a Triple Threat. Strong complains some more, but says fine. But... he wants Pete next week so he can make sure he doesn’t make it Toronto. Mr. Regal takes in under advisement, and asks Strong to give him some space.

- Io Shirai def. Kacy Catanzaro via disqualification

Dark Io with the drop kick at the bell, then running knees in the corner. Butterfly suplex and Shirai poses over Kacy, and here comes Candice LeRae! Enziguri and a suicide dive right into the guardrail. LeRae goes to get a chair and Io escapes through the ring and backs up the ramp as the two women jaw at one another.

- Adam Cole is in the Undisputed ERA’s spot, and says that NXT management is attempting to screw his faction by adding Dunne to the NA title match. It doesn’t matter because Roddy will win, and Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish will do the same in the Tag title match against Street Profits. He likes how TakeOver: Toronto is coming together, as it’s like the prophecy of Undisputed being draped in championship gold is coming to fruition. As for Johnny Gargano, he picks a straight-up wrestling match so that when he wins, Johnny can no longer call himself Johnny Wrestling.

- Next week, Tyler Breeze faces Forgotten Sons Jaxson Ryker, and Roddy will get his match against the Bruiserweight.

- Damien Priest def. Keith Lee via pinfall following The Reckoning (rolling cutter)

After an equal opening exchange, they each raise their fists to pops and then avoid strikes from the other man. Keith lifts Priest up in a knuckle lock, but Damien forearms his way free and follows up with a kick to the knee. Priest traps Lee in the corner and controls things for a minute, getting a nearfall off a discus clothesline. The Limitless One blocks a few suplex attempts and is able to get breaks with the knuckle lock, but is stuck underneath and is almost pinned again after a crossbody from the top. Wristlock that Priest can’t punch his way out of finally turns the tide, and a charging forearm and clothesline gets Lee two. Damien evades some shots and does the deal with a Falcon Arrow, but Keith kicks out. A big forearm gets Lee back in charge, and a Pounce sends Priest to the outside. That leads to a battle on the apron that ends in a stalemate, but Damien is finally able to sleep free from a powerbomb attempt on the floor and pump kick Lee into the steel steps. A mocking laugh from Priest causes Lee to hulk up, but Damien uses the referee as a shield back in the ring, and hits the cyclone boot out of the break. He then grabs him for his finisher.

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