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Big E just gave me a great idea for who should take the WWE Championship off Kofi Kingston

And this potential move would be undisputedly huge.

Kofi Kingston’s Twitter

As I laughed at a simple tweet from Big E, shouting out Kyle O’Reilly — the master of the air guitar championship antics — a perfect future came into clear focus. A world where Kofi Kingston loses the WWE Championship to Adam Cole [... BAYBAY!].

No matter what anybody has told you so far, it’s nowhere near time for Kofi to drop the WWE championship. And right now, with the roster as-is? I don’t see anyone who should take the title from Kingston, especially since Brock chose the Universal championship.

That’s why, on the first WWE SmackDown Live on FOX, there will be a perfect moment to make the ultimate call-up, bringing The Undisputed Era to the blue brand in a huge shocking moment.

In the weeks to follow, Kyle can eventually joke that he’d been waiting for this ever since Big E tried to steal his swagger, but Cole will take the mic and say “Kofi Kingston, you worked your butt off for 11 years? Big whoop. So did I. And now I’m going to end your fairy tale, because we’re the future of this business, and that’s ... Undisputed.”

Remember when Kevin Owens’ call-up to Raw saw him pin Cena clean? There are few other ways to declare that Adam Cole and his merry band of delinquents are Big Time than have them show up to take all of this gold off of The New Day.

Also, this arc will be must-watch TV for everyone who loves the Undisputed as they are now, or ever followed them in other promotions. These guys have made their mark in nearly every territory of pro wrestling, from the indies to New Japan to Ring of Honor to NXT.

I don’t know about you, but every time I go to a wrestling show, I see Undisputed Era shirts everywhere. They’re the new Bullet Club shirts. They’re the new favorite faction. They’re exactly what The New Day need in terms of opponents, and maybe what the WWE needs for its big FOX debut.

So, Cagesiders, who would you pick to eventually dethrone Kofi?

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