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Dolph Ziggler was happy to lose to Kevin Owens in 17 seconds

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WWE is in the midst of heating up Kevin Owens for his feud with Shane McMahon, leading to a key match at the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view next month in Toronto. That meant having Owens go over big on someone at Extreme Rules.

That someone ended up being Dolph Ziggler. That big ended up being a 17 second victory.

So how did Ziggler feel about that, especially coming out of his program with Kofi Kingston? He told Chris Van Vliet:

“I think that helps him. He was in a position the last couple months he wasn’t doing too much. He was just being Kevin Owens and being around. I know out there whether a lot of people are rooting for me or against me or don’t care, that’s fine, but to be part of a catalyst that sent him into a different direction, as much as it kills me, I was happy to be a part of it. We could have done a 15-minute match two-thirds of the way through that pay-per-view where people were exploding through walls and going through tables and it would have been okay and fine. That was a special moment for Kevin Owens, so I think that’s better for the business, and the company, and the show.”

Watch the full interview: