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WWE is blowing it with Sami Zayn

Earlier this afternoon, Sami Zayn tweeted this:

It’s a follow-up to Zayn’s quick role on Raw Reunion last night (July 22), where his arguing that “legends” were just guys and gals who used to wrestle led to him getting beaten by Rey Mysterio after he was scared back into the ring by an odd squad of Hurricane, RVD, Kurt Angle & Sgt. Slaughter. Both his performance last night and this tweet are an example of why I and a lot of fans love Sami as a heel or a face, because he gets his role and commits to it as well if not better than anyone in the business.

And we haven’t seen a whole lot of it since he came back from shoulder injuries, but the man can wrestle really well, too.

That’s why, while his tweet is kayfabe, it’s also not wrong. Zayn just turned 35. He has a lot of wear-and-tear on his body from 17 years as a pro wrestler - most of it on the independents. And he’s never held a belt on the main roster, and is currently stuck in the mid-card with no storyline heading into SummerSlam.

They are blowing it when it comes to Sami. But some of us do appreciate you, ya big jerk, so we’ll keep complaining on the internet.

We’ll see if it helps.

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