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Why Seth Rollins replaced Ricochet in Raw Reunion’s Kliq vs. OC segment

If Seth Rollins seemed shoe-horned into Raw Reunion’s segment with The Club OC and D-Generation X & The Kliq, well... reportedly, he was.

Ricochet has been feuding with AJ Styles and the faction he’s re-formed with his good brothers Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. He’s a newer act to the mainstream television audience who watches Raw, and who may be tuning in just to see “Monday Night War” era acts like D-X & The Outsiders. Therefore, he’d also benefit from teaming with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and others for a rub Rollins shouldn’t need at this point (and which came off awkwardly as a result... and that’s without even mentioning the Kingslayer’s extensive history with Hunter).

So why wasn’t Ricochet the one out there? According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, he was supposed to be. Unfortunately, he was one of the people who reportedly couldn’t get cleared medically, and caused booking the show to be a “headache”:

“Ricochet has an elbow infection, so the whole spot that Seth did with AJ Styles, that was all Ricochet. The whole idea of the D-X thing, you know, which was - again, I do not know that this was a Paul Heyman idea, but I know that Ricochet is one of his projects and I know the idea for the show was for - one of the big ideas on the show was that Ricochet gets the big rub at the end from D-X, where they endorse him and they say he’s the next big thing, and that was what that segment was supposed to be.

And you know, Ricochet was not cleared to do anything, so Seth Rollins took his place.”

With that information, well, it’s mostly just a bummer. The scene would have worked better with Ricochet, and it would have been a smart way to get the spotlight on a guy WWE hopes will be a big star for them moving forward. What we got wasn’t horrible or anything, but it would have been better with the One And Only.

Here’s hoping that infection clears up soon and doesn’t cause him to miss any other opportunities.

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