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The 24/7 championship changed hands nine times at Raw Reunion

The 24/7 championship was over the shoulder of R-Truth when it came into the building at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida for the big “Reunion” episode of Monday Night Raw. It wasn’t sitting there long, as he was ambushed by Drake Maverick during an interview. A quick rollup earned Maverick another reign with the object of his obsession (1).

During his attempted escape, presumably to finally consummate his marriage, Maverick was scared witless by The Boogeyman. While he was down on the floor, Pat Patterson rolled in with a referee, kicked him while he was down, put a single foot on top of him, and had the referee count (2). We had a new champion.

That didn’t last long either. We don’t know exactly how it happened, because it wasn’t shown, but Gerald Brisco managed to beat his old friend to take the title for himself (3). He got all of a few feet before Kelly Kelly, using the reunion as bait, gave him the old knee to the gut and pinned him to become champion (4).

Kelly tried to celebrate her victory with Candice Michelle and Melina but the former turned on her after the latter explained she became an official referee (5). Of course, Michelle’s reign was even shorter than Kelly’s, as Alundra Blayze showed up and choked her until she tapped before cutting a promo that made absolutely no sense to anyone and walking off (6).

Later, Blayze walked out on stage and tried to throw the 24/7 title belt in the trash when The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, made his way out and offered to buy the title from her. She took the deal (7) and walked away with a fistful of cash.

Everybody’s got a price indeed.

Drake Maverick seemingly regained the title by assaulting and pinning DiBiase in the backseat of a limo (8), loudly proclaiming to his wife they can finally have the sex just after. He was chased all the way from the limo to the ring -- where Mick Foley made a terrible effort to grab him -- and back to the limo. There, Truth showed up just before he could climb back in and rolled him up to regain the title (9) he lost at the beginning of the evening.

Then he made off with Maverick’s wife still in the back of the limo, title in hand.

What a night.

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