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Stone Cold was the main event of Raw Reunion

The end?

If there was a moral to the story of WWE’s Raw Reunion special it’s that Stone Cold Steve Austin is still the most over wrestler on the entire roster. Legend or current star, nobody got close to the pop Stone Cold received from the Raw live crowd tonight (Jul. 22).

WWE recognized this fact early on during their three hour episode of Raw and booked it accordingly. Stone Cold didn’t appear on screen at all until the final 15 minutes of the show.

After every other WWE legend came out on the entrance ramp, and Hulk Hogan cut a fumbling promo, Stone Cold’s music hit and the fans lost their minds.

Seemingly just rolling out of bed, Austin cut a classic promo and hit on every key talking point needed while mixing in some personal stories that made fans feel like they were part of something bigger.

Just Steve Austin doing Stone Cold things and still doing them better than anyone else in the world.

Stone Cold crushed his part, but should WWE have done something different, or something with a current star, to wrap up Raw Reunion?

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