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Randy Orton is setting up a match with Will Ospreay on Twitter, because reasons

Why, in the middle of the night, would Randy Orton quote-tweet Will Ospreay? I suppose we could back-up and ask why the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion is tweeting out saccharin sentiments better suited to Pinterest, or remind you that Twitter Orton is the best Orton. But I just figure you’ll have both those reactions naturally when you see this...

Weird, but “out of nowhere” is Orton’s shtick, and Ospreay is probably on the WWE roster’s radar after his role as the adult in his recent Twitter exchange with Seth Rollins. But Randall persisted, sarcastically referencing the company line, and started pitching cross-company matches in the hashtags:

The Aerial Assassin then started brainstorming ways to make it happen in New Japan, and the Viper offered to pitch it to WWE brass:

Meanwhile, savvy businessperson that he is, Ospreay considered expanding his merchandise to include this latest conversation (presumably because his Rollins beef-inspired shirts sold well)...

His open invitation to more attention from the biggest wrestling company in the world attracted an old friend, too:

Why did any of this happen? Probably because wrestlers are on social media a lot, and like to stir up stuff that will get fans talking. And for Ospreay, he’s probably gotten as many new U.S. followers for his tweets with WWE Superstars as from his G1 Climax run.

Will it lead anywhere? Probably not. But hey, Randy was said to be open to listening to offers from other companies...

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