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We have a new contender for weirdest wrestler Twitter beef ever

It took me a little while to stumble across this “story”, probably because I’ve been blocked on Twitter by Baron Corbin ever since I collected a bunch of Finn Bálor tweets ribbing him back in his NXT days. It was admittedly a smartass headline, but I didn’t expect the Lone Wolf to be thin-skinned. Oh well, all in the game.

Anyway... former TNA Knockout SoCal Val was live tweeting Extreme Rules this past Sunday. And like many people who tweet about wrestling, Val had some questions about Corbin’s wrestling attire:

Noted sex symbol BC responded by alleging Val had a personal motive for mocking his sweet vest:

Val wins by staying on message about Corbin’s business casual ring gear:

Not a whole lot to it, I know.

But admit it... even in the crazy, Eric Bischoff’s running a show for Vince McMahon, Jon Moxley’s in the G1 world of 2019 pro wrestling, a SoCal Va/Baron Corbin Twitter fight was not something you ever thought you’d see.

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