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It feels like WWE wants to turn Kevin Owens into a babyface

Sure it was only one episode and two segments, but it looked like WWE began to plant the seeds for a Kevin Owens face run.

Tonight (Jul. 2) on SmackDown, KO went nose to nose with two of WWE’s most hateable heels. In the opening segment Owens poked fun at Shane McMahon’s general aura and it just felt like some good old fashion heel on heel crime.

Then Dolph Ziggler interrupted, for reasons, and Owens suddenly had the live crowd in San Antonio hanging on his every word. Owens really laid into Ziggs and it was spectacular.

Owens ended SmackDown with live the crowd again eating out of the palm of his hand.

In NXT or on the main roster, KO has never truly had a chance to show off what he could do as a good guy/every man WWE live crowds want to get behind. With WWE recently shaking things up creatively, maybe now would be a good time to let Owens have a true babyface push.

Is Kevin Owens just too good of heel or should WWE see what KO can do as a face?

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