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Drake Maverick: Two-time 24/7 champ, possible one time divorcee

The Drake Maverick/Renee Michelle marriage is off to a rocky start, at least (and hopefully just) in kayfabe.

First, the new bride had to pressure her husband into even going on their honeymoon after he lost the 24/7 title at their wedding. Some bad advice from EC3 helped, though...

Then he started the honeymoon at Raw. Good thing Michelle is a fan of line dancing...

Eight-time 7-11 European TV champ R-Truth knew what Drake really wanted, though. And he flaunted that hideous prestigious green belt in front of Maverick until his wife gave him an ultimatum:

Maverick did pick the beautiful indie wrestler from Maryland, but when fate gave him an opportunity to regain the championship, he took it.

I think Michelle would have preferred he kept his luggage, though...

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Oh well. If the whole marriage thing doesn’t work out for him, at least Drake has his beloved title. He even customized it!

Counting down the hours until we see Truth crash a resort looking for a rematch. But if Mrs. Maverick doesn’t win the strap at some point, I’m gonna be pretty disappointed.

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