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Seth Rollins apologizes to Will Ospreay, vows ‘no more garbage tweets’

Last week was a weird one for Seth Rollins. WWE’s Universal champion sent out some tweets boasting about the company ahead of a pay-per-view (PPV) event a lot of fans and critics weren’t excited about. He also defended aspects of the company - the roster and their wrestling ability - which is rarely the focal point of fan anger. Then he picked Twitter fights with other wrestlers, fans and media outlets who disagreed, or responded with jokes and even constructive criticism.

This was happening as a podcast interview came out with Rollins questioning why and how former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose exited the company to join AEW and New Japan as Jon Moxley.

In the wake of that, Will Ospreay - the NJPW star who responded to Seth’s dare that no one could name a better wrestler than him - generally took the high road and said he was just joking around with Rollins. And yesterday, a quote from Roman Reigns about Moxley came out which was the epitome of class, and that many held up as a standard Rollins should look to follow in his future public statements.

Then today (July 2), these tweets:

This is more like it.

Rollins seems to be sensitive to how others perceive him, and that led him to the understandable place of wanting to defend his position, and the company he gives his all to. The internet being the internet, he caught some crap for it and lashed out rather than moved along. He’s apologizing, which is all he can do at this point, while reiterating his belief in himself and his team, which - jokes aside - no one was ever mad about to begin with.

Now, we hope he sticks to these sentiments and focuses on showing, rather than yelling at us, that he’s the company and industry leader he believes himself to be.

A lot of us are rooting for you, champ. And, believe it or not, always were.

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