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Where in the world is Firefly Fun House?

We’ve now gone two weeks without a new edition of Bray Wyatt’s “Firefly Fun House”. On last week’s episodes of Raw and SmackDown, they seemed to be replaced by random cameos by the puppet stars who make up cast of the “kid’s show”.

The thinking was these appearances would continue, and probably even increase, leading up to Bray himself (or his new Fiend-ish alter ego) showing up.

But on the July 1 episode of Raw, we were only able to spy one scene with a member of the Fun House crew...

That’s a little disappointing, but this was the first edition of the show with Paul Heyman as Executive Director. Perhaps there were other things they wanted to establish and work to get over, rather than dedicating a lot of time to the already-over Firefly Fun House gimmick?

And while we’re in full-blown speculation mode... is there anything to Miz being the only Superstar to be visited twice by one of Bray’s friends (last week Abby The Witch, this week Mercy The Buzzard)?

When will WWE let him in, Cagesiders? And what happens then?

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