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Braun Strowman being treated for ‘potential ruptured spleen’ and ‘possible separated pelvis’

Are these ghastly sounding kayfabe injuries a way to write him off TV while he deals with some real ones?

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley opened the Paul Heyman era of Raw with a literal bang - and some cursing - last night (July 1). After Strowman drove Lashley through the stage’s LED board, both men were stretchered off.

Later in the show, we got the expected update about them having been transported to a “local medical facility”. At that point, Braun was being examined for a ruptured spleen. The follow-up from adds another nasty sounding injury to the list of things he’s being evaluated for - a separated pelvis. Lashley has been treated and released.

Rumor has it their destruction of the set may be an excuse to debut an updated stage design. It’s also possible the scene was a way to cover for more time off for the Monster Among Men. There seem to always be rumblings about Strowman working hurt, and they came up as recently as last month when he was written out of the Money in the Bank ladder match.

We’ll keep you posted with any updates - kayfabe, rumored or otherwise.

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