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WWE’s talking Ronda Rousey again

Is the above “Head to Head” video, which features two WWE content creators debating whether or not Ronda Rousey should return to WWE, a way to get clicks and some online engagement?


Could it also be a sign someone at WWE believes Rousey will return to wrestling before too long, and wants an intermittent stream of content flowing to remind fans a Rousey return to wrestling is a possibility?

I won’t die on that hill. But I can’t rule it out, either.

After WrestleMania 35, all signs pointed to Ronda hanging up the boots for at least a year, and maybe for good. Then, with no pregnancy reveal and SmackDown’s debut on Fox around the corner, Rowdy declared she misses wrestling, and Raw Women’s champ Becky Lynch - who though not as emphatically as I and many others would have liked, is the only wrestler to pin Rousey in WWE - started trash talking her again. Now this from WWE.

Are they breadcrumbs leading to “Bad Reputation” playing at WWE shows again? Or just a reminder there’s a year’s worth of Ronda on WWE Network for $9.99 per month?

Who knows? I don’t know the answer to the argument from the video, either. Both guys are right... Rousey’s fame helped the entire women’s division, and her absence means more of the wrestlers in it are getting time to shine.

The real question is if WWE creative can discipline itself. It would certainly be possible to book Ronda as a big deal AND still give screen time to multiple other women & their stories. But if the UFC Hall of Famer comes back, will the latter still be a priority? Or will all the attention go to Rowdy’s rematch with The Man?

Let us know what you think about any, or all, of that below, Cagesiders.

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