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Is Shawn Michaels joining commentary this week a sign of things to come?

Starting to wonder how much influence Fox will have over WWE’s product moving forward.

On the heels of a new report stating Fox wants to market SmackDown more like a legitimate sport, here is Shawn Michaels announcing he will be joining commentary this Tuesday night.

Next Monday’s (Jul. 22) episode of Raw has been heavily promoted by WWE as a reunion show. A long list of some of WWE’s most famous wrestlers will be making guest appearances this Monday night.

This Tuesday’s SmackDown? It sounds like just a normal episode and the reason why HB-Shizzle is joining the booth remains unclear. Maybe it is just a random one off appearance for Michaels, or maybe WWE is looking to shake things up some more before starting on Fox.

Will Fox have a say in who WWE puts behind their announce desk starting this October?

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