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Think Seth & Becky don’t have chemistry? Rollins thinks you’re jealous

And you might have a crush on The Man, too.

Perhaps, with their mixed tag feud with Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans a thing of the past, and Seth Rollins now focused on reclaiming WWE’s Universal title from Brock Lesnar, this won’t be a topic of conversation for much longer.

But when Rollins spoke to the Tampa Bay Times to promote Raw’s visit to town for their big reunion show next Monday (July 22), the Architect’s on-screen chemistry with real-life girlfriend Becky Lynch was still a point of discussion.

Seth had nothing but glowing things to say about the Raw Women’s champion, and his relationship with The Man. But while he seems to be saying he’s not phased by people who claim they lack chemistry, he can’t help but tease the critics a bit:

“[Working on-screen with Lynch is] great. We spend all of our time together anyway. So might as well add the on screen stuff to it as well.

She’s awesome, she’s super talented, one of the first women to main event WrestleMania beating Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair this past year. I learn a lot from her being in the ring and watching her cut promos, she’s very inspiring as far as that’s concerned. Just from a performer’s perspective, I get a lot out being near her on screen and off screen I get a lot as well, so it works out in both places.

I think those critics [who say he doesn’t have good on screen chemistry with Becky] might be a little jealous. I think that’s where a lot of that stems from. I mean, if I’m a dude and I’m watching television, and I have a crush on Becky Lynch, I’m probably not going to be to fond of the guy who’s dating her either so I get that. We have such great chemistry I think it’s funny that people think we don’t. Either way it amuses me.”

At least he didn’t make any cracks about haters living in their parents’ basement.

In fairness, Rollins is probably right about some of the folks who don’t enjoy him & Lynch as a on-screen item. There are those who get overly attached to people on television and lash out at their significant others. Ask Renee Young.

But, there are also people of all gender identities and sexual orientations who know they don’t have a chance with either Becky or Seth, many of whom are perfectly happy with their own real-life partners or content in their single status - and they simply think “WWE’s Power Couple” come across as awkward and forced on television. As with his Twitter feud with Will Ospreay, Seth could have just said “it amuses me” and left it at that. Instead he played armchair psychologist, added a couple extra digs, and sounds like a heel interacting with the audience, not one of WWE’s top babyfaces.

Or, I guess, it may just be that I’m jealous.

Decide for yourself, and check out Rollins’ entire interview with Tampa Bay Times, which also includes some measured praise for Baron Corbin, and some memories of The Big Guava from his time in WWE Developmental.

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