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Braun Strowman re-signs with WWE

He’d have been a huge get for a promotion like All Elite Wrestling, who for all the talent on their roster doesn’t have very many larger-than-life performers. That’s probably part of why it was a priority for WWE to lock up Braun Strowman (real name Adam Scherr) before there was any drama about his contract status.

It would have been a pretty big shock if a guy who’s a product of WWE Developmental, and who despite his only WWE title reign being a brief tag title run with an actual child has never seemed anything but happy with his role in the company, left WWE.

On his personal Instagram today (July 16), the Monster Among Men broke the news that he’ll be cashing Vince McMahon’s checks until at least 2023:

Braun turns 36 this September, so give or take a few months, he’ll be 40 when this four year deal runs its course.

And if he’s happy, and his bosses are happy... well, we’re happy for them.

Congrats, big man. Look forward to watching you SMASH stuff and dudes for the foreseeable future.