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At least one former Raw champion had the sex last night

It’s unclear whether now former 24/7 champ Drake Maverick finally consummated his marriage last night (July 15). R-Truth pinning him in front of wife Renee Michelle, on their honeymoon bed, in his tighty whities - with a small package, no less! - probably wasn’t much of an aphrodisiac. So let’s assume DM is still, as Truth put it, constipated.

Former Universal champion Seth Rollins? He apparently had a better time. Whether or not winning the battle royal, and with it a chance to reclaim his title from Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, was a motivating factor or not isn’t entirely clear. But Seth’s significant other used a podcast promo from an unlikely source to let the world know that The Man and her man are not constipated...

If Raw Women’s champ Becky Lynch is telling the truth, SummerSlam likely wasn’t the only thing Rollins was “fired up” for in this video...

Welcome to the edgy era.

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