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A fiend in the ring, but a sweetie in the tweets

Tom Savini’s Twitter

The question of how the reinvented Bray Wyatt would return to WWE television was answered on Raw last night (July 15) when Wyatt’s alter ego The Fiend attacked Finn Bálor. It appears the two will resume the feud they were having in the fall 2017 when Bray caught the viral infection which swept through the locker room and forced a re-working of the TLC card. Bálor ended up facing AJ Styles facing. When he returned in November, Wyatt started a program with Matt Hardy. Their rivalry was never revisited, until Monday night.

While we have an answer as to how Bray will comeback as a wrestler, there are still more questions. One of the great things about Firefly Fun House is how open to interpretation the various elements are. Even when the answers seem obvious, it’s more fun to guess at the meaning of Wyatt’s Hurt/Heal gloves, or what each puppet represents, than it would be to have it spelled out for us what everything symbolizes.

So how are we to interpret these tweets from the smiling, cartoon avatar of Bray Wyatt sent shortly after the terrifying Fiend assaulted Finn?

In the build-up to last night, Bray’s been “forgiving” and apologizing to pretty much everyone he’s feuded with in the past. While referencing their aborted 2017 program, he promises to offer the same forgiveness to Finn... after they fight.

He also seems to be compartmentalizing the violence he sees as a necessary part of being... a wrestler? Human? Do we all need to let our fiends out before we can move on from past trauma?

Am I reading entirely too much into this?

Maybe! But it’s interesting, which is what I want from the things I give my time to!

Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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