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Daniel Bryan to make a ‘career-altering’ announcement on SmackDown Live

Just after Extreme Rules, where he lost the SmackDown tag team titles to The New Day, Daniel Bryan gave an interview to where he spoke cryptically about “knowing what I have to do” after he couldn’t elevate the tag team division to the heights he wanted.

Now, WWE has revealed he’ll be making what’s being called a “career-altering” announcement on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live:

In the aftermath of the interview, has learned that Bryan plans on making a career-altering announcement tonight on SmackDown LIVE. Bryan has promised that this will change the course of his career and shake SmackDown LIVE to its core. Just what exactly does Bryan have planned?

That could be any number of things, but at the very least it doesn’t seem to be related to the very real health issues he faced for so long. It’s probably safe to simply get excited about whatever they have planned for him.

Any guesses?

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