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One ‘edgy’ thing WWE did at Extreme Rules, and one they didn’t

There’s been a lot of talk the past couple weeks about WWE being a little bit looser with regards to their TV-PG rating. Officials are said to be focused on growing their teen and young adult audience, and allegedly believe that a return to Attitude Era tricks like swearing and sexual innuendo is a way to do it (heh-heh, he said “do it”, heh-heh).

The production team definitely seemed to be going “edgy” with this zoom during Lacey Evans’ entrance for the main event of Extreme Rules last night (Sun., July 14):

All that’s missing is Taz screaming about pigeons.

So, they definitely did that. And Renee Young definitely exclaimed “jeez!” when they did it. She did not, however, curse into a live mic during the opening match...

That’s basically an auditory illusion. You can hear it as an f-bomb, but not once you know what Renee is actually saying. Then it only sounds like “rocked”.

Which isn’t to say WWE won’t have their announcers proclaim a wrestler as “f***ed” in their quest for teen viewers. But hopefully they leave the derrière close-ups to Joey Ryan’s sponsors.

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