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Wrestler to appear on wrestling show

The official preview on didn’t specifically state that new Universal champion Brock Lesnar would be appearing on the July 15 Raw, but online marketing for the episode is quite clear.


What will he be doing?

Probably not continuing his feud with Seth Rollins, at least not right away, and if that official preview can be trusted.’s Anthony Benigno makes it sound like the Architect - and all the men who lost their titles last night - have to get back in line for another shot at the belt:

“Now, Rollins, who fought his way to Brock for the better part of a year, is facing the Sisyphean task of once again working his way back up to The Beast.”

The company website also says Ricochet will have “to fight his way through a crowded field” to get to new U.S. champ AJ Styles. Their last bullet point for tonight deals with Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, and doesn’t seem to rule out the possibility of the duo challenging Becky Lynch or Bayley, so...

Anyway, back to the Beast. If he does more than jog in place behind his advocate and maybe have a quick brawl with Seth, we’ll stay hopeful this title run will be different from the last one. Otherwise, this Brock Party might suck.

Join us tonight in the live blog to find out!

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