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Brock Lesnar is once again Universal champion

The Paul Heyman era of Raw will start with a familiar Universal champion.

That’s because Brock Lesnar’s advocate wasn’t lying when he appeared late in the show at Extreme Rules in Philadelphia on Sun., July 14 to say his client would definitely cash-in before the night was over.

After Seth Rollins emotional win with girlfriend Becky Lynch in the main event, “Next Big Thing” hit the speakers in Wells Fargo Center.

Seth attacked as soon as Brock stepped into the ring, but it wasn’t long before he was flying across the ring courtesy of a German suplex. Then Heyman handed the official the briefcase, the ring announcer made it official, and the bell rang.

An F5 later, and we’re back where we were heading into WrestleMania 35.

Will the now retired-from-MMA Lesnar be around more often, especially since his friend and manager is calling more of the shots behind the scenes? Or are we back to a Universal champion we only see 6 or so times a year?

We’ll start to find out tomorrow night (July 15) on Raw, I guess.

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