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WWE Extreme Rules 2019 results: Aleister Black defeats Cesaro

This first challenge to Aleister Black’s brooding in a closet solo run came tonight at Extreme Rules, emanating from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There was always going to be little doubt in the outcome. No way Black was going to lose his first match coming into his singles run. The hope was that the always impressive Cesaro would make for a good opponent for Aleister.

Of course he did.

These men had plenty of time and exchanged strikes and traded submissions, putting on a really fun match. The crowd appreciated the efforts from these men, even getting a small “This is awesome” chant.

Hard hitting shots like this are always enjoyable.

In the end, Cesaro tried for the Gotch Neutralizer but Black fought out with a series of kicks. That’s when he delivered the Black Mass to pick up the win.

Now who’s going to knock on Black’s door next?

You can find all the results from Extreme Rules at the live blog here.

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