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WWE Extreme Rules 2019 results: Kofi’s reign continues after outlasting Joe

With a Paul Heyman promise/lie about Mr. Money in the Bank Brock Lesnar hanging over both of Extreme Rules’ main events on Sun., July 14 in Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, WWE champ Kofi Kingston didn’t show any signs of being rattled. Not only did he bring his omnipresent smile and a platter of pancakes to his defense against Samoa Joe, but he opened the match with a quick attack.

Unfortunately, that was the best it got for the Dreadlocked Dynamo... at least for a while. A leg sweep not only put Kofi on his back, it seemed to injure the champ’s left knee. Kingston didn’t give up, of course, but the sadistic Joe was in control and loving it:

It wasn’t just a potential knee injury Joe targeted, either. A few weeks back on SmackDown, Kofi offered the Samoan a Stone Cold Salute. Joe sought to punish the hand that flipped him off, a course of action that culminated in Kingston’s hand being crushed in the steel ring steps:

The knee and fingers were key for the remainder of the match, as they both stifled the champ’s comebacks and provided easy targets for the challenger. It was actually a submission which didn’t feature either, the Coquina Clutch, which set up the finish. Kingston slipped free of the hold, and in the ensuing sprint, a Trouble In Paradise put down Joe.

And The New Day are draped in gold.

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