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WWE Extreme Rules 2019 results: The Club helps AJ Styles reclaim U.S. title

The United States championship match at Extreme Rules in Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on Sun., July 14 wasn’t officially a handicap match. But when Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson attacked Ricochet before the bell rang in his defense against AJ Styles, everyone knew the score.

The Phenomenal One backed his Club-mates off and after the official checked on the champ, the match began. And though he sold the attack by Gallows & Anderson, it didn’t take him too long to get in some offense. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after that that a distraction by The Club allowed Styles to regain control with a forearm to the back of Ricochet’s head.

AJ kept the One And Only grounded for the middle portion of the match. An enziguri finally allowed the champ to get back into the driver’s seat, and a crossbody onto Gallows & Anderson looked to level the playing field. For the next several minutes, two of the best in the world traded moves and nearfalls - the kind of action fans expected when this dream feud first took shape.

The next time The Club got involved, it wasn’t really interference. Anderson just pointed out to the referee that AJ’s foot was under the ropes when Ric was covering him after a shooting star press. But it was legit interference that followed. Ricochet fought off Karl, but as the ref checked on him, Gallows crotched the One And Only. That allowed Styles to hit his finisher from the middle rope.

Ricochet’s first main roster title run was a short one, and The Club is already paying dividends for the Phenomenal One.

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